To have various IP ranges in the same subnet and assign the IP Address depending of the device type that sends the request.

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Thu Aug 1 11:06:12 UTC 2019

On 01/08/2019 09.05, Juan Antonio García Moreno wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have read a lot of information on Internet but I haven't this too
> clear and I would like ask you if this can do or not.
> This is the situation:
> - I have a network wired and WIFI.
> - I have the ISC DHCP Server that assign IP address statically with
> "fixed-address" and dinamically from a pool address with "range".
> I would know if I can to have, for example, 3 ranges and assign the IP
> Address depending of the device type that request the IP.
> For example:
> - Static IP to devices that I want by MAC.
> - POOL1 to LAPTOP.
> - POOL2 to Smartphones.
> - POOL3 to Tablets or Watches.
> How could I discriminate the request and assign the IP from POOL1,
> POOL2 or POOL3 depending if the device is a LAPTOP, a Smartphone or a
> Tablet?
> Can I do this?
What I do is the following:

  * I have a few static host entries defined globally for a few hosts
    that need a fixed address
  * I have one subnet for unknown devices - devices that are connected
    but have not been accepted by me
  * I have a different subnet for normal use
      o I have one pool for devices that are allowed internet access
      o I have one pool for devices that are not allowed internet access
      o I have a space for the fixed addresses outside of these pools
  * I have defined two classes, one for internet access and one without
      o I use a list of subclass definitions for every device without a
        fixed address
      o each subclass definition determines access or not by assigning
        to the class and in some cases give the DNS name
  * Each pool definition use deny and allow statements to allow only the
    relevant devices

The difficult part of your setup will be to assign each device to the
correct class. There are lots of possibilities but specific knowledge is
needed about your devices to do that.

I use a manually edited list of subclass definitions because this fits
my needs. My next setup will be KEA with mysql backend and a web page to
do the administration.

> What would be the best way to do it?
> Does anyone have, and can show me, some examples?
> Best regards,
> Juan García
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