doubt dhcp relay agent.circuit-id and remote.circuit-id

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On our network, the network gear populates the agent.circuit-id, which tells the destination DHCP server where the request originated. We manipulate that value on the network gear, but it is a function of the configuration options on that gear rather than something handled via ISC-DHCP software.

I realize that’s probably of little value for you, but we use that value extensively – just not the way I think you are striving for. I’ve forgotten what you said you were trying to accomplish. Perhaps if you remind us what you want to do, one of the more experienced folks on the forum can help you get what you want through a different method.


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Hi thanks for response.
I visualized these options but what I wanted was for me to define the agent.circuit-id and remote-id string. Is this possible? Be it in dhclient or dhcrelay


Em 20/03/2019 08:59, Bjørn Mork escreveu:

Ricardo Barbosa <spiderslack at><mailto:spiderslack at> writes:

it mentions that these options are not supported on the client, only

on the relay, but looking at dhcrelay does not have a configuration

file, how would you use these options in a relay.

See the '-a', '-D' and '-m' options in dhcrelay(8)

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