doubt dhcp relay agent.circuit-id and remote.circuit-id

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Wed Mar 20 20:44:01 UTC 2019


I followed the link below and it worked. Thank you all.


Em 20/03/2019 15:48, Patrick Trapp escreveu:
> On our network, the network gear populates the agent.circuit-id, which 
> tells the destination DHCP server where the request originated. We 
> manipulate that value on the network gear, but it is a function of the 
> configuration options on that gear rather than something handled via 
> ISC-DHCP software.
> I realize that’s probably of little value for you, but we use that 
> value extensively – just not the way I think you are striving for. 
> I’ve forgotten what you said you were trying to accomplish. Perhaps if 
> you remind us what you want to do, one of the more experienced folks 
> on the forum can help you get what you want through a different method.
> Cheers!
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> Hi thanks for response.
> I visualized these options but what I wanted was for me to define the 
> agent.circuit-id and remote-id string. Is this possible? Be it in 
> dhclient or dhcrelay
> regards.
> Em 20/03/2019 08:59, Bjørn Mork escreveu:
>     Ricardo Barbosa<spiderslack at>  <mailto:spiderslack at>  writes:
>         it mentions that these options are not supported on the client, only
>         on the relay, but looking at dhcrelay does not have a configuration
>         file, how would you use these options in a relay.
>     See the '-a', '-D' and '-m' options in dhcrelay(8)
>     Bjørn
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