How to: Keep DHCPDISCOVER messages off the console in Solaris 11

Richard Westerveld richard.westerveld at
Fri Mar 22 20:27:51 UTC 2019


   Not real familiar (yet) with the ISC DHCP server.  In the past we 
used the regular old Solaris non-ISC version.  Hopefully we'll get more 
familiar with this one as time goes on.

   Have it up and running - and working, from the viewpoint of what we 
use it for.  We don't use it for actually assigning leases like a 
traditional use (all our clients have static IP addresses); we use it 
for booting already identified clients (ie ones that have entries in 

   The problem is we get lots of those DHCPDISCOVER/no free leases 
messages continually scrolling on the console for units that haven't 
been identified as ones we want to net boot (there's an application that 
adds their entries to the conf file when someone wants to boot them).

   I'd like some way to either turn that particular message off; or else 
direct them to some other location.

   I tried setting "unknown-clients" to ignore; but that apparently 
doesn't turn off the messages.  (Note:  I *think* these requests are 
coming from "unknown" clients; since I haven't found their mac addresses 
in the conf file.)

   I also tried setting the dhcp server to use syslog; but that doesn't 
seem to keep them from appearing on the console either.

   I'm sure *someone* at some point has tried to get rid of these same 
messages; so can anyone point me to the proper place to find out how to 
do it?  An example might help, too.



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