How to: Keep DHCPDISCOVER messages off the console in Solaris 11

Rick Dicaire kritek at
Sat Mar 23 00:29:21 UTC 2019

Aren't messages to console controlled by syslog? Maybe look at what syslog
facilities/levels get sent to console, and what syslog facilities/levels
the dhcp server is using?

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> All,
>    Not real familiar (yet) with the ISC DHCP server.  In the past we
> used the regular old Solaris non-ISC version.  Hopefully we'll get more
> familiar with this one as time goes on.
>    Have it up and running - and working, from the viewpoint of what we
> use it for.  We don't use it for actually assigning leases like a
> traditional use (all our clients have static IP addresses); we use it
> for booting already identified clients (ie ones that have entries in
> /etc/inet/dhcpd4.conf).
>    The problem is we get lots of those DHCPDISCOVER/no free leases
> messages continually scrolling on the console for units that haven't
> been identified as ones we want to net boot (there's an application that
> adds their entries to the conf file when someone wants to boot them).
>    I'd like some way to either turn that particular message off; or else
> direct them to some other location.
>    I tried setting "unknown-clients" to ignore; but that apparently
> doesn't turn off the messages.  (Note:  I *think* these requests are
> coming from "unknown" clients; since I haven't found their mac addresses
> in the conf file.)
>    I also tried setting the dhcp server to use syslog; but that doesn't
> seem to keep them from appearing on the console either.
>    I'm sure *someone* at some point has tried to get rid of these same
> messages; so can anyone point me to the proper place to find out how to
> do it?  An example might help, too.
>    Thanks.
> -Richard
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