Failover Peer Issue with Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 Phone

willieb will.bashlor at
Thu Nov 12 15:19:04 UTC 2020

Thanks so much for the reply! I stop the service on the second server, then
the first server stated: "dhcpd: failover peer failover-dhcp: I move from
normal to communications-interrupted". I'm not sure if this is the same as
partner down state?

The lease times are both 7 days. I could easily change this but I don't
think it will make a difference.

I compared the 2 case captures. Case 1 with 2 servers in a failover
configuration when the issue is happening, and case 2 with the second
server's service stopped and the issue is not happening (phone gets IP
immediately). The only difference I can see between the 2 captures is the
"DHCP Server Identifier" in the ACK. In case 1 the "DHCP Server Identifier"
in the ACK is the IP of the second server (which I find odd since split is
set to 255). But this is also the case with captures using the other model
phones (i.e. VVX411) that are working fine. Hmmm. In case 2, of course the
"DHCP Server Identifier" is the IP of the first server, since there is only
1 server. For case 1 and case 2 I see the "DHCP Server Identifier" in the
OFFER messages is that of server 1.

I did notice that in a long capture I took where the phone has the issue but
starts working 30ish minutes later, the last ACK is different from the rest
in that it has the first server IP as the "DHCP Server Identifier". So for
grins I temporarily changed the "DHCP Server Identifier" on the second
server to the IP of the first server, and the SoundStation IP 6000 then
immediately booted normally in a few seconds even with both servers running.

It seems this particular model phone has an issue with the OFFER "DHCP
Server Identifier" being the IP of server 1 and the ACK "DHCP Server
Identifier" being the IP of server 2. At this point though I still don't
know what a resolution could be.

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