Failover Peer Issue with Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 Phone

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Thu Nov 12 15:54:57 UTC 2020

> On 12 Nov 2020, at 16.19, willieb <will.bashlor at> wrote:
> Thanks so much for the reply! I stop the service on the second server, then
> the first server stated: "dhcpd: failover peer failover-dhcp: I move from
> normal to communications-interrupted". I'm not sure if this is the same as
> partner down state?
> The lease times are both 7 days. I could easily change this but I don't
> think it will make a difference.
> I compared the 2 case captures. Case 1 with 2 servers in a failover
> configuration when the issue is happening, and case 2 with the second
> server's service stopped and the issue is not happening (phone gets IP
> immediately). The only difference I can see between the 2 captures is the
> "DHCP Server Identifier" in the ACK. In case 1 the "DHCP Server Identifier"
> in the ACK is the IP of the second server (which I find odd since split is
> set to 255). But this is also the case with captures using the other model
> phones (i.e. VVX411) that are working fine. Hmmm. In case 2, of course the
> "DHCP Server Identifier" is the IP of the first server, since there is only
> 1 server. For case 1 and case 2 I see the "DHCP Server Identifier" in the
> OFFER messages is that of server 1.

I never used failover; but Is it reasonable that the DHCP Server Identifier is not the actual server that sent out this message? I.e. should it be the same in both instances?
I think Simon might be able to answer this?

> I did notice that in a long capture I took where the phone has the issue but
> starts working 30ish minutes later, the last ACK is different from the rest
> in that it has the first server IP as the "DHCP Server Identifier". So for
> grins I temporarily changed the "DHCP Server Identifier" on the second
> server to the IP of the first server, and the SoundStation IP 6000 then
> immediately booted normally in a few seconds even with both servers running.
> It seems this particular model phone has an issue with the OFFER "DHCP
> Server Identifier" being the IP of server 1 and the ACK "DHCP Server
> Identifier" being the IP of server 2. At this point though I still don't
> know what a resolution could be.
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