address not being allocated

ahiya ahiya at
Thu Oct 22 14:34:59 UTC 2020

hi Allusing perfdhcp to test my kea-DHCP, while trying to produce DHCP
requests via VLAN interfaces,the address allocation process dont end DHCP log I see all sessions end with "DHCP4_LEASE_ADVERT"
message and no allocation accurse.while using perfdhcp without VLAN the
allocation accrues successfully.while using vlan interface with single dhcp
client (netplan not prefdhcp) allocation to the vlan interface is it seems like when using vlan interface with perfdhcp the
client doesn't claim the offered address. basically, I'm a bit lost here, so
if someone has any idea what is happing here, it will be awesome. i hope I'm
just missing an option in my perfdhcp command and not a limitation.attached
debug log of the fail transaction.thanks 

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