OMAPI Reservations and peer/failover

Gregory Sloop gregs at
Thu May 27 17:08:33 UTC 2021

I kinda want to get this handled and off my plate, so I'm probably a little impatient. :)

Thanks again!

I finally got around to attempting to set the reservation flag on some dhcp leases using omapi.
(I'd asked about how to do this with OMAPI ages ago ... since I can do it live and not have to stop the DHCP servers and hand edit the leases file.)

I'm running a pair of peers/failover/load-balance machines for dhcp.

So, I set the reserved flag on one server, but the leases file on the other server doesn't see/reflect the reservation for that same lease.
(I see the lease on both machines, but there's no reservation on the second server. The one I didn't target with the omapi connection/change.)

Do I have to run OMAPI against both servers?
(I guess I kind of thought since it's a change to the lease, it would get communicated between the peers. That looks like a bad assumption.)

Can someone, (probably ISC) confirm the "right" way to do this?

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