OMAPI Reservations and peer/failover

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Thu May 27 20:22:54 UTC 2021

Following up on my own post.
Given what I've been able to dig up on the subject of omapi and peers, I'm pretty sure you have to run against both, explicitly. 

But, additional complication arise!

As noted, a fair bit of reading and searching seems to indicate you have to run the omshell commands against each server.
However, this is particularly interesting (or perhaps troubling.)

To save you the click, I'll quote...
"You will have to rerun the statement on both peers. 
Take careful note of servers that lose their dhcpd.leases files, you'll have to be able to 0-to-60 them by replaying everything. "

There was no expansion on this - and my understanding of it is somewhat ambiguous.
Does this mean that if I have a peer that gets rebuild and the leases file is deleted, it won't get a copy of the "original" leases file from it's peer and that all the "reservation" flags will be lost and I will have to re-run all the omapi commands against the peer which lost the leases file?

Assuming that's the correct interpretation...
I suppose that it's best then, to copy the leases file from the "still-up' peer to the rebuilt peer. (I can't see a reason not to do this, but perhaps I'm missing something.)

I'd be thrilled for the grizzled old-timers out there to weigh in and offer me some of that sage advice! :) 
[On this list, anyway, that usually means super-helpful and awesome posts. That isn't the usual response of the old veterans from other lists, however!]

Perhaps this is all done way better in Kea, I dunno. Perhaps I ought to start looking at that.

Thanks in advance!

I kinda want to get this handled and off my plate, so I'm probably a little impatient. :)

Thanks again!

I finally got around to attempting to set the reservation flag on some dhcp leases using omapi.
(I'd asked about how to do this with OMAPI ages ago ... since I can do it live and not have to stop the DHCP servers and hand edit the leases file.)

I'm running a pair of peers/failover/load-balance machines for dhcp.

So, I set the reserved flag on one server, but the leases file on the other server doesn't see/reflect the reservation for that same lease.
(I see the lease on both machines, but there's no reservation on the second server. The one I didn't target with the omapi connection/change.)

Do I have to run OMAPI against both servers?
(I guess I kind of thought since it's a change to the lease, it would get communicated between the peers. That looks like a bad assumption.)

Can someone, (probably ISC) confirm the "right" way to do this?

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