dhcrelay prints these logs and doesn't live normally. [Can't initialize context: not enough free resources.]

박기당 pkdang at naver.com
Fri May 28 03:17:22 UTC 2021

thanks for reply Glenn.Both dhcpd and dhcrelay can be run on one system, but only dhcrelay is currently used.
In addition, dhcrelay was well run and restarted, but logs occurred, and the restart failed continuously. The restart process is as follows.
kill -9 xxx; /usr/sbin/dhcrelay -i vlan200 A.B.C.D -i vlan100

The result of ulimit-n is 1024.
ISC_R_NORESOURCES is returned to its location: bind/bind-9.9.5/lib/isc/unix/socket.c.
The problem is when the fd value of the socket is greater than 1024, and when the fd value of the socket is less than 0.
I think the fd value is less than zero, what is the situation? It's not easy to reproduce.
regards, pkd
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