Unable to find the definition of option_code_hash_lookup( ) function in ISC-DHCP code

David W. Hankins dhankins at isc.org
Tue Dec 22 00:23:40 UTC 2009

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 01:49:57PM +0530, Aleem AKHTAR wrote:
> I want to add some options in ISC-DHCPv6 client code but I am unable to find
> the definition of option_code_hash_lookup( . could someone help me where to
> find this definition and how to add my option in ISC-DHCPv6 client code.

The function names are lost in #define macros as has been pointed out.

The way to portably add your option code to any version of ISC DHCP is
to use the option documentation methods defined in 'man dhcp-eval', to
define new options and their formats at runtime.

The way to permanently add an option to the ISC DHCP sources (for
example to send us a patch) is to insert its definition in the tables
contained in 'common/tables.c', for DHCPv6 assigned option codes (by
IANA) you're looking for the dhcpv6_options array of structures.  For
VSIO assigned spaces, you need to first mark out your enterprise-id
in the 'vsio_options' structure, and then dig out a new pair of
universe and options-array structures to define your option space.
The ISC universe is included and can be used as an example.  When
increasing the number of pre-initialized universes in the soruces
however make sure you remember to increase the initial size of the
universe array.

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