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On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 02:47:55AM -0800, gorentla shekar wrote:
> I currently going through the dhclient.c.  I am seeing processing of a linked list of client_state structures.  When is a linked list of client_state is used, situations other than alias?

The dhclient daemon can preside over multiple interfaces at once.  So
each client state structure can represent a different interface.

> I have a set of physical network network interfaces.  They are not visible to the user.  I have an interface say 'myNet'. This myNet is visible in the user space.  To send/receive on the non-visible interfaces, I can use the myNet interface with a multiplex/demultiplex mechanism built into this interface (by an IO option) to send/receive any of the invisible interfaces.
> I am thinking if I can use the linked list of client_state structures with the myNet interface.  Kindly suggest.  What are the changes required?

I am really not sure I understand the question, but hopefully someone
else does.

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