Development versions of DHCP crash when DDNS enabled

Thomas PEGEOT thomas.pegeot at
Mon Mar 8 09:22:19 UTC 2010



I'm currently doing a work placement related to DHCP (v4 and v6) and DDNS.
That's why I'm trying several versions of DHCP : in addition to the stable
version (4.1.1), I'm also working with development snapshots and CVS


Dynamic DNS updates work well with the stable version of DHCP, but fail with
development versions on server-side : actually, the server crashes when a
client sends a request. This problem doesn't occur with the stable version,
and seems related to the use of the libbind. Does anyone know how this
problem could be fixed? 


Here is what I get when I run the DHCP server with DDNS support enabled : 


For further information, please find a full backtrace in the following page


I also provide you my server configuration :


If you need extra information, feel free to ask me. ;)


Thank you in advance.




Thomas PEGEOT.

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