Development versions of DHCP crash when DDNS enabled

Shawn Routhier sar at
Wed Mar 10 01:18:14 UTC 2010


Thank you for your report.  I'll be investigating it shortly and
may have more questions later.

One item I didn't see that might be of interest is what platform
you were using for your testing.


On 03/08/2010 01:22, Thomas PEGEOT wrote:
> Hello,
> I’m currently doing a work placement related to DHCP (v4 and v6) and
> DDNS. That’s why I’m trying several versions of DHCP : in addition to
> the stable version (4.1.1), I’m also working with development snapshots
> and CVS sources.
> Dynamic DNS updates work well with the stable version of DHCP, but fail
> with development versions on server-side : actually, the server crashes
> when a client sends a request. This problem doesn’t occur with the
> stable version, and seems related to the use of the libbind. Does anyone
> know how this problem could be fixed?
> Here is what I get when I run the DHCP server with DDNS support enabled
> :
> For further information, please find a full backtrace in the following
> page :
> I also provide you my server configuration :
> If you need extra information, feel free to ask me. ;)
> Thank you in advance.
> Regards,
> Thomas PEGEOT.
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