Development versions of DHCP crash when DDNS enabled

Thomas PEGEOT thomas.pegeot at
Fri Mar 12 08:53:17 UTC 2010


This morning, I tried what you advised me to do, and it fixed my problem! :)
The missing dot caused the problem! 

Thank you very much!


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I've found the problem and have a fix that needs to be reviewed.

The problem was that the new dnslib that we are using is more 
restrictive than the old one.  In your .conf file you have
ddns-domainname                 "my_domain_name";
ddns-rev-domainname             "";

Neither of which have a trailing dot.  The dns code is looking for the 
name to be absolute and dies if it isn't.  As DHCP hasn't enforced this 
previously our current plan is to simply add the dot if it isn't already 
there when sending the names to the dns code.

The simple workaround is to add the dot in the config file
ddns-domainname                 "my_domain_name.";
ddns-rev-domainname             "";

(For ddns-rev-domainname you could remove the option as well, as the 
default is "")

The zone name used in the zone construct also needs to be an absolute name.


On 03/09/2010 23:59, Thomas PEGEOT wrote:
> Hi,
>> Thank you for your report.  I'll be investigating it shortly and
>> may have more questions later.
> Thank you for taking care of this problem!
>> One item I didn't see that might be of interest is what platform
>> you were using for your testing.
> You're right, I forgot to present my setup. My testing environment is
> composed of virtual machines running CentOS-5.4 x86.
> Regards,
> Thomas.
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