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Pons Nicolas Nicolas.Pons at iter.org
Thu Sep 29 06:00:55 UTC 2011

Greetings everyone,
I hope to be sending this email in the correct distribution list.

I have a question concerning the feature delay_reply_dhcpoffer.
I have tried to implement it on a V3.1-ESV.

According to some web pages this value should be registered with micro-seconds values (10-6 secs)
However, once the option is registered in the dhcpd.conf and when restarting the dhcp server, I get a
/data1/etc/dhcpd.conf line 80: 3000000 exceeds max (255) for precision.
dhcpd: delay_reply_dhcpoffer = 3000000;

trying to set the value to 100 I get also the same message
/data1/etc/dhcpd.conf line 80: 100 exceeds max (255) for precision.
dhcpd: delay_reply_dhcpoffer = 100;

setting it to 1 works...

Overview =
The idea behind that option is, we already have 2 other DHCP servers for the whole infrastructure.
I am setting up the infrastructure for developpers. Some groups have racks, filled with servers, and analog/digital acquisition controllers, ... those racks are as of today in our networks. So the 2 main DHCP servers are there to provide all the necessary IPs, etc.

However, sometime the rack needs to leave the network and go to some isolated building for code/application testing, and we need to have a DHCP server within the rack. When the rack comes back to the network, we want to leave the DHCP server online but we don't want it to give IP addresses out.
We just want to keep it alive so then we can update the reservations, options, ... retrieve logs for analysis... So what we want to do is to delay by a few seconds the third DHCP server's offers by a few seconds, letting the 2 main ones doing the job...

so if you could help me that'd be really awesome, otherwise thanks to to redirect my request where appropriate.

Thanking you again.
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