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David Rubel davidrubels at
Thu Sep 29 21:38:06 UTC 2011

Hello everyone.

I'm new around here. I'm a pregrade student in the Central University of
Venezuela (UCV)
and I'm currently working on my thesis which consists in adding RFC3118
support to an
open-source DHCP implementation (namely, ISC DHCP 4.2.1 client and server).

I was wondering if someone could help me with some issues I've run into.
I've been searching
where does the DHCP options are being evaluated and added to the message
going to be

My guess is that, at least client-side, it is done in the
"make_client_options" function, but I couldn't
tell for sure what it is done there because I couldn't find what does
exactly the
"option_code_hash_lookup" function. I've read in the worker's archive
(December 2009) that
a macro is being invoked instead (found in /includes/omapip/hash.c I think),
but even so
I couldn't understand what is being done there.

On another note, I believe that the authentication option (code 90) also has
to be added to the known options
(in /commont/tables.c) but I'm not sure about which format should it has
because it has some
different-sized fields, or what could happen if I specify a wrong format. I
guess each option's data
is being parsed according to their specified format, if that's so, then I'm
not sure which format
could better fit the authentication option... maybe an 8-bit unsigned int

Hope this mail wasn't too long.
Thanks in advance for the help that I could be provided with.
David Rubel.
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