How to use HMAC-MD5

David Rubel davidrubels at
Mon Jun 11 20:31:42 UTC 2012


I would like to test the HMAC-MD5 implementation of the Digital Signature
Toolkit included in DHCP (/dst/hmac_link.c). Particularly, I'd like to try
this test vector specified in RFC 2104 and print the resulting digest

key =         0x0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b0b
key_len =     16 bytes
data =        "Hi There"
data_len =    8  bytes
digest =      0x9294727a3638bb1c13f48ef8158bfc9d

Anyone knows how to do it?... Which functions should I call (and its

Thanks in advance.
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