How to let the DHCP client eventually accept a OFFER when no OFFER satisfies client's requirement?

Chengyu Fan at
Thu Jun 14 20:57:20 UTC 2012

My English is not good, so please be patient to read the following text to
understand my scenario.

I have a option to let clients learn the ndn server in my domain:
For example, *option ndn code 246 = {ip-address}*

To let the client accept the OFFER with such *option ndn, *I add some
configuration into the dhclient.conf as follows:
*request ndn;* (let the DHCP client request this option in the DHCPDISCOVER)
*require ndn; *(let the DHCP client always choose the OFFER contains option

In my domain, it works well, because one of the servers will provide a
OFFER that carries this ndn option.
However, if the client moves to another domain, which does not has such
server, he will not receive any OFFER that contains option ndn. In this
case, the client will wait util the timeout and does not choose an OFFER.
So the client cannot get an IP.

*What I want to do is when the DHCP client cannot get an OFFER in a time
period, he will learn that there is no such server, so he
will eventually choose one OFFER and request an IP.*

Does anyone know how to do this by configuring the dhclient.conf?


Chengyu Fan
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