How to use the Digital Signature Toolkit in DHCP

David Rubel davidrubels at
Thu Jun 21 03:00:18 UTC 2012


I would like to use the hashing functions included in the Digital Signature
Toolkit (/dst/) in both DHCP client and server..... not exclusively to
securely update info in a DNS as I think it is right now. After some minor
changes I managed to include "/includes/isc-dhcp/dst.h" in
"/includes/dhcpd.h" (client and server both use this header so I thought it
might be a good place to do it). In dst.h there are the DST Crypto API
defintions but the code of the functions themselves is located in a .c
file, in a different directory (/dst/dst_api.c), so when I try to use one
of those functions the compiler shows there's an undefined reference to the
function I want to use.

Does anyone knows a way to circumvent or solve this problem?.

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