[ANNOUNCE] INN 2.5.0 release candidate available

Russ Allbery Russ_Allbery at isc.org
Tue Mar 10 04:56:47 UTC 2009

Internet Systems Consortium is pleased to announce that a release
candidate version of a new major release of INN is available at:


The MD5 checksum of this release candidate is:


A PGP signature is available in the same directory.  Due to the extensive
changes between INN 2.4 and INN 2.5, no patch is available.

INN 2.5.0 is almost entirely compatible with INN 2.4, and most INN 2.4
users will be able to upgrade with a simple "make update".  A few checks
explained in the upgrade changes below should also be made.

All of the applicable bug fixes from the INN 2.4 STABLE series, including
the upcoming 2.4.6 release, are also included in INN 2.5.

Many thanks to Julien ÉLIE for preparing this release.

Upgrading from 2.4 to 2.5

   The following upgrade process is still under construction and not
   complete.  There may be additional things to watch out for not listed
   here; if you run across any, please let <inn-workers at lists.isc.org> know
   about them.

   The following changes require your full attention because a manual
   intervention may be needed:

   * In order to process control messages, controlchan now needs the
     "MIME::Parser" module.  Packages are available from most
     distributions, or you can install the module directly from CPAN
     ("MIME-tools" in modules/by-module/MIME/, for instance on

     Perl 5.8.0 or later is recommended for INN.  If you are using an
     earlier version, you will also need the "Encode" module for correct
     processing of control messages.  (It is included with Perl itself in
     5.8.0 and later.)

   * You should use the new control.ctl.local file shipped with INN in
     *pathetc* and, at the same time, update your control.ctl and
     moderators files.  Also make sure that your active.times, distrib.pats
     and newsgroups files are properly encoded in UTF-8, as it is strongly
     recommended by RFC 3977.

   * The innreport configuration file has slightly changed.  The new
     innreport.conf file shipped with INN should be used and your possible
     changes backported to this new version.

   * The $SPOOLBASE variable has been renamed to $SPOOLDIR in innshellvars
     in order to be more consistent.  It impacts shell scripts only.  If
     you import innshellvars and use that variable in your scripts, you
     will have to rename it.

   * gpgverify is no longer included in INN,  pgpverify now has better
     support for GnuPG and should be used instead.

   * The auth_smb authenticator program to check passwords with an SMB
     authentication is no longer included in INN.  It was a stripped-down
     version of pam_smbpass, wasn't maintained, and likely had security
     problems.  To authenticate to an SMB server such as Samba, use PAM and
     ckpasswd's PAM support instead.

   The parameters used by nnrpd to provide TLS support are now *tlscafile*,
   *tlscapath*, *tlscertfile* and *tlskeyfile* in inn.conf.  The sasl.conf
   file used for that in previous versions of INN is obsolete.  innupgrade
   takes care of the change during "make update".

   The *nntpactsync* parameter has been renamed to *incominglogfrequency*
   in inn.conf; innupgrade handles this renaming during the update.

   In newsfeeds, innfeed should be run directly rather than through
   startinnfeed.  innupgrade will attempt to take care of this modification
   during "make update".

   When starting innd by hand, innd can just be run directly rather than
   using inndstart.  If you get error messages about resetting the file
   descriptor limits, you may need to increase the file descriptor limits.
   See the sample init script in contrib for an example of how to do this.

   If you are upgrading from a version prior to INN 2.4, see also
   "Upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4".

Major changes from 2.4 to 2.5

   * Ken Murchison has contributed SASL authentication support for nnrpd,
     implementing the AUTHINFO SASL section of RFC 4643.  If the
     --with-sasl option is given to "configure", nnrpd will be able to
     authenticate clients via secure SASL mechanisms.

   * Julien Elie has implemented in nnrpd the new version of the NNTP
     protocol described in RFC 3977, RFC 4642 and RFC 4643.  Consequently,
     nnrpd now recognizes the CAPABILITIES command, the HDR and LIST
     HEADERS commands, the second optional argument to specify a range of
     articles to LISTGROUP, the OVER command, as well as the ":bytes" and
     ":lines" metadata items.

   * Heath Kehoe has added the ability to compress overview data before it
     is stored in ovdb.  It significantly improves the performance of this
     storage method and reduces the time spent by expireover.  See the new
     --with-zlib option to "configure" and the ovdb(5) man page.

   * Alexander Bartolich has greatly improved innreport and especially its
     XHTML output (a XSL transformation is also provided, if needed, in
     innreport-filter.xslt, in the contrib directory).

   * inndstart and startinnfeed are no longer part of INN and are no longer
     used.  Instead, a separate setuid root helper program written by Russ
     Allbery is used to bind to the news ports (and does only that), and is
     run by innd and nnrpd when necessary.  This means that INN may not be
     able to increase file descriptor limits for itself the way that it
     could before.  If you get error messages about resetting the file
     descriptor limits, you may need to increase the file descriptor limits
     as root before running rc.news as the news user.  See the sample init
     script in contrib for an example of how to do this.  More information
     on file descriptor limits can be found in INSTALL.

   * INN's IPv6 support was largely rewritten by Russ Allbery.  IPv4 and
     IPv6 are now handled through the same code wherever possible, the new
     IPv6-aware APIs are used everywhere possible, and replacement
     functions are provided for systems that don't have them yet.  The
     network code is now much more centralized, eliminating lots of
     duplicate code and adding better IPv6 support to some utilities.

   * INN now uses autoconf 2.59 or later for configuration.  As a result,
     some "configure" options have changed slightly and more of the
     standard --*dir options should be supported in lieu of the old
     INN-specific options.  See "configure --help" for the available

   * Thanks to Kirill Berezin, the buffindexed overview method now supports
     buffers larger than 2 GB.  It is not necessary to compile INN with
     large file support to use such large buffers with buffindexed.
     Buffindexed is now also more robust with mmaped files and uses more
     optimized data placement.

   * tinyleaf, a miniature IHAVE-only leaf server written by Russ Allbery,
     is now included.  See the tinyleaf(8) man page for more information.

   * controlchan recognizes the new application/news-groupinfo entity
     described in USEPRO and can handle character set conversions of
     newsgroup descriptions.  The "MIME::Parser" and "Encode" modules are
     used.  Processing control messages has been greatly improved,
     especially checkgroups: the active and newsgroups files are now
     properly updated when they are processed.

     A new control.ctl.local file has also been added in *pathetc*.  Rules
     set in that file override rules in control.ctl, allowing
     administrators to specify local rules for some control messages
     without modifying the control.ctl configuration file that comes with
     INN.  It also specifies encodings to use for the newsgroups file.  By
     default, UTF-8 will be used for newsgroup descriptions, as strongly
     recommended by RFC 3977.

   * The Perl and Python *filter_mode* hooks are now called when innd is
     shutting down via either "ctlinnd shutdown" or "ctlinnd xexec" with a
     new mode value of "shutdown".  This will allow the Perl hooks to save
     filter data across innd restarts without requiring that the news
     administrator throttle the server first.  (Python already had a
     separate close hook that is also called.)

   * The legacy innshellvars.pl script has been replaced with a real INN
     Perl module "INN::Config" for Perl programs.  The location of Perl
     modules can be set with the --with-libperl-dir option to "configure".
     All Perl scripts shipped with INN have been converted to use that
     module.  You may want to consider using "INN::Config" in your Perl
     scripts, though innshellvars.pl is still provided with INN.

   * Support for embedded Tcl filters in innd has been removed.  It hasn't
     worked for some time and causes innd crashes if compiled in (even if
     not used).  If someone wants to step forward and maintain it, we
     recommend starting from scratch and emulating the Perl and Python

   * If *strippath* is set in readers.conf, the whole user-supplied Path:
     header will now be stripped.  Previously, the final component of the
     user-supplied Path: would still be retained.

   * news2mail can now set the envelope-from address of the mails it sends.
     A third optional part in news2mail.cf entries has been added by
     D. Stussy to achieve that.

   * The -g option to nnrpd is no longer supported.  If you are verifying
     passwords against the system password database, see the ckpasswd(8)
     man page, and in particular the -s option.  (A much better idea would
     be to just use PAM, which ckpasswd supports.)

   * Fixed a bug in "ctlinnd renumber" which was resetting the low and high
     water marks of empty newsgroups in the active file.  This command now
     makes the low water mark one more than the real high water mark.  The
     answers to LIST ACTIVE, GROUP and LISTGROUP have also been fixed to do

   * Support for bzip2-compressed batches (with bunbatch) has been added.

   * Support for *runasuser* and *runasgroup* parameters in inn.conf allows
     to set the news user and the news group under which the news server
     runs.  Thanks to Ivan Shmakov for this feature.

     New other options have been added to configuration files: *ignore* in
     incoming.conf, *logstats* and *nnrpdflags* in inn.conf, and
     *log-time-format* in innfeed.conf.

     The --with-http-dir option has also been added to "configure" to set
     *pathhttp* in inn.conf.

   * Support for Berkeley DB versions prior to 4.3 has been dropped.  You
     will have to use at least Berkeley DB 4.4; the recommended version is

   * INN now builds entirely free of warnings from GCC with fairly
     aggressive warning options enabled.  This involved lots of cleanup of
     const strings, signed versus unsigned type handling, correcting printf
     formats, and other changes that fixed obscure bugs and made INN's code
     more robust.  Russ Allbery has also done considerable cleanup work on
     some of INN's internals, simplifying, refactoring, and removing
     duplicate code.

   * INN's test suite is now much more comprehensive and tests some
     high-level functions as well as more of the portability and utility
     function layer.

   * A lot of work has been done on documentation: improvements of existing
     documents, new documentation, and proof-reading.  Sample configuration
     files are also more detailed.

INN is discussed on <inn-workers at lists.isc.org>.  Please send any bug
reports or patches to that list.

                                                Russ Allbery
                                                rra at isc.org

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