[ANNOUNCE] INN 2.4.6 available

Russ Allbery Russ_Allbery at isc.org
Tue Mar 10 20:12:49 UTC 2009

Internet Systems Consortium is pleased to announce that a new bug-fix
release of INN is available at:


The MD5 checksum of this release is:


A PGP signature and a patch from 2.4.5 to 2.4.6 are available in the same

This is a bug-fix release over 2.4.5.  Upgrading an existing INN 2.4.5
installation is as simple as building INN 2.4.6, running make update, and
restarting innd and related programs.

Many thanks to Julien ÉLIE for preparing this release.

This will be the final release of the INN 2.4.x series, barring major
security holes.  INN 2.5.0 will soon be released.

Changes from 2.4.5 to 2.4.6

 * Fixed the segfault of the radius authenticator when none of the radius
   servers respond.  Thanks to Matija Nalis for this patch.

 * Fixed a lost initialization in buffindexed, which resolves a potential
   segfault, thanks to a patch by Kirill Berezin.

 * INN now properly supports Perl 5.10.0 (and also 5.8.9); Perl filters
   were causing innd to segfault on a few systems like FreeBSD.

 * Fixed a long-standing bug which affected Perl hooks for innd: the
   variable containing the body of an article was not properly created,
   which caused regular expressions matching new lines to fail.  It
   especially affected filters like Cleanfeed which sometimes failed to
   detect unwanted articles.

   To fix that issue, Julien Elie added the use of a shared string,
   available since Perl 5.7.2, with a fall back to a slower but reliable
   copy of such bodies in case the function is not available.  Using a
   Perl version superior to 5.7.2 is therefore recommended.

 * Fixed two bugs which could prevent nnrpd from being run as a daemon in
   FreeBSD.  Thanks to Johan van Selst for having identified the problem
   and to Kai Gallasch for having provided a testing FreeBSD server.  The
   listening address was not initialized to "::0" or when the -b
   flag was not used and an incorrect size was given when IPv6 was
   enabled and the binding done using IPv4.

 * Some annoying assertion failures occurring in innfeed have been fixed
   by Russ Allbery and Julien Elie.

 * Fixed a bug in mod-active for aliased newsgroups.  Only "=" was
   written to the active file.  Thanks to D. Stussy for this patch.

 * Fixed a bug which caused innd not to honour the Ad flag in newsfeeds.

 * Fixed a bug in the IP address displayed for "localhost" in innd's
   status file.  It was not correctly initialized.

 * Fixed a permission issue:  XHDR and XPAT were not checking the rights
   the user had to read articles when accessing them by their message-ID.

 * Fixed a bug in the replies of XHDR, XOVER and XPAT when the newsgroup
   is empty.  Two initial replies were sent instead of one:  the right
   420 code followed by a wrong 224 code.

 * When no newsgroup is selected, LISTGROUP now returns the right 412
   code (instead of 481).

 * inncheck now uses a range of permissions to see whether the file modes
   are correctly set.  Therefore, different configurations depending on
   the security the user wants to enforce on his sytem are possible.

 * A new improved version of docheckgroups is shipped with INN.  The -u
   flag permits to automatically update the newsgroups file (with a
   proper number of tabulations and an alphabetical sort), removing
   obsolete descriptions and adding new ones.  A second argument on
   command-line permits to specify which newsgroups should not be
   checked, so as not to treat them.

 * An *email=* keyword has been added by James Ralston to news.daily in
   order to supply another mail address than the one set at configure
   time for Usenet daily reports.

 * An updated moderators file with information about the aioe.*, perl.*
   and si.* hierarchies is provided; control.ctl is also up to date.

 * INN supports Berkeley DB 4.7, which is the recommended version to use
   owing to various bugs affecting previous versions of Berkeley DB.

 * Other minor bugs have also been fixed.

INN is discussed on <inn-workers at lists.isc.org>.  Please send any bug
reports or patches to that list.

                                                Russ Allbery
                                                rra at isc.org
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