INN 2.2.1 rejects Message-IDs ending in dot

Heiko Schlichting inn-bugs at
Mon Dec 6 23:49:39 UTC 1999

Russ writes:
> Patrick J LoPresti <patl at> writes:
> > If I contribute patches to make this configurable, might they make it
> > into an official version of INN?  I am thinking of a "looseids" boolean
> > (or somesuch), which would allow through the common botched cases...
> Sure, it seems like a reasonable configuration option to me given that
> most other transit servers pass pretty much anything as a message ID.

Sorry, but I can't agree.

Making INN non-standard conform doesn't sound like a reasonable
configuration option. Will INN also accept articles with illegal date
format and broken header lines because other software does? That's the
wrong way. If someone really needs standard-breaking things it is really a
good solution that changes in the sources are necessary. Please don't add a
'breaking-the-standards' option to the configuration file of INN.


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