INN 2.2.1 rejects Message-IDs ending in dot

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at
Tue Dec 7 00:20:15 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Heiko" == Heiko Schlichting <inn-bugs at> writes:

 Heiko> Making INN non-standard conform doesn't sound like a
 Heiko> reasonable configuration option.

I guess it depends on whether you work on free software because you
like to preach at people, or because you want to provide something of
maximal utility to them.

 Heiko> Will INN also accept articles with illegal date format and
 Heiko> broken header lines because other software does?

If it would be useful in practice to a reasonable number of INN users,
then yes, it would be right to add such options (in my opinion).  But
it would not be useful, so that is a poor analogy.

Russ's comments suggested that I am not the only person having to deal
with malformed Message-IDs.  To allow them would not damage the
integrity of the system, and it would be consistent with the
philosophy "be conservative in what you generate and liberal in what
you accept".

I am offering to do the work to add a configuration option, but I am
not going to bother unless someone with commit privileges agrees it is
a good idea...

 - Pat

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