INN 2.2.1 rejects Message-IDs ending in dot

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Dec 7 00:36:23 UTC 1999

Patrick J LoPresti <patl at> writes:

> Russ's comments suggested that I am not the only person having to deal
> with malformed Message-IDs.  To allow them would not damage the
> integrity of the system, and it would be consistent with the philosophy
> "be conservative in what you generate and liberal in what you accept".

It's a very common thing to have to deal with with mail to news gateways,
since mail clients tend to generate all sorts of annoying junk in message
IDs.  For standalone servers that just handle gateways like that, I think
it's a reasonable thing to want to do, and I know of other people who have
had to patch INN to get the behavior they want.

I agree that it's a bad idea to run such a server, in the normal case, on
the regular Usenet, but INN does already have options to do other things
that are against the protocols.  I wouldn't personally take the time to
write it, but if you want to write the patch and submit it, I think it
would be useful to a sufficient number of people to warrant inclusion.
Certainly the documentation should make it clear that INN with that option
enabled is not strictly complient with the news RFCs.

> I am offering to do the work to add a configuration option, but I am not
> going to bother unless someone with commit privileges agrees it is a
> good idea...

Well, I have commit privileges and it seems reasonable to me, but I could
be convinced I'm wrong.

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