INN `INSTALL' documentation patch

Richard Kettlewell richard.kettlewell at
Tue Nov 9 15:14:30 UTC 1999


Here is a patch to INSTALL which clarifies a few points that I felt
were missing while doing an install.

The INN version I have is inn-STABLE_2_2-1999-07-24_03-02 according to 
the FreeBSD ports collection.


--- INSTALL.orig	Tue Nov  9 15:44:48 1999
+++ INSTALL	Tue Nov  9 16:03:24 1999
@@ -352,6 +352,10 @@
                        is required.  Or ihave and sendme cannot get correct
 	               name, then the messages are incorrect.
+  innflags             This allows you pass flags to the INN server process
+                       when it starts up.  If you use the `crosspost' feed
+                       (which is recommended) then you must set this to `-L'.
   2. newsfeeds (REQUIRED)
   The newsfeeds file determines how incoming articles are redistributed to
@@ -454,6 +458,21 @@
   newsgroup pattern from your ME entry is sufficient; otherwise, set the
   newsgroup pattern appropriately. The last line should not be modified.
+  You must also make an entry in innfeed.conf for each outgoing feed.
+  You can get started by adding entries like this:
+         peer {
+         }
+  If the peer uses a different path stamp to the hostname you send articles
+  to, you must use the `ip-name' key:
+         peer {
+             ip-name:
+         }
+  See the man page for innfeed.conf for full details.
   As for controlchan, this is useful and strongly recommended to setup.
   Processing by controlchan can reduce excessive load if many control messages
   arrive in a short time.  To enable controlchan:
@@ -466,8 +485,19 @@
   The incoming.conf file describes what machines are allowed to connect to
   your host to feed articles. In previous versions of INN a different
-  file (hosts.nntp) was used to do some of what incoming.conf can do. See
-  the incoming.conf manpage for more details.
+  file (hosts.nntp) was used to do some of what incoming.conf can do.
+  You can get started for a single feed by adding an entry like this:
+         peer {
+         }
+  ..assuming that you will be receiving articles from 
+  Note that this doesn't cause remote sites
+  to start feeding you news - it merely allows them to do so if they so
+  choose.
+  See the incoming.conf man page for full details.
   4. cycbuff.conf (Required only if using the CNFS article storage method)

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