INN `INSTALL' documentation patch

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Nov 15 08:43:44 UTC 1999

Richard Kettlewell <richard.kettlewell at> writes:

> Here is a patch to INSTALL which clarifies a few points that I felt were
> missing while doing an install.

Thank you; I've committed your patch to the STABLE branch except for the
note about adding feed entries to innfeed.conf.  The recommendation of the
INSTALL file in INN 2.2 is to use startinnfeed -y, which will mean that
explicit peer entries in the configuration file won't be required.

I believe all of these documentation points except the note about
crosspost feeds have already been dealt with in the current development
documentation, and crosspost doesn't work in INN 2.3 and therefore isn't
an issue at present.

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