Build fails with perl5.00405 on RH 5.2

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Tue Sep 14 18:21:05 UTC 1999

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>rra at (Russ Allbery) writes:

>>Weird... Solaris 2.6 is where I compiled it to make sure that it would
>>work, and you're using the same version of Perl that I am.  The only
>>difference is that I used gcc 2.95.1 instead of gcc 2.8.1.

>>I'll go take another look at this.

>Did you compile your perl with thread support?  I did not.

I sent a reply, but it seems to have bounced.

It appears that changing all of the occurences of na to PL_na in
innd/cc.c fixes not only the uint/int warnings but also the fatal error
from na being undefined.
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