bad_messageid message in inn-2.2.2

Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Apr 28 23:10:34 UTC 2000

John Summerfield <summer at> writes:

> I've examined the relevant RFCs and as far as I can see, the message-id
> is valid (and does not originate with me in any event; I've got the news
> from an IBM site that also uses INN).

> Apr 27 15:16:00 possum rnews: offered <89j1qn$cvm$1 at>
> ^M possum

The Message-ID header of that article has a trailing CR character.  That's
what INN is flagging as invalid.

Where is rnews getting the articles from?  Something somewhere isn't
properly converting from network line endings to local line endings.

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