high water mark wrong

Bdale Garbee bdale at col.hp.com
Tue Aug 1 23:28:35 UTC 2000

> } My "fix" for this was to clip out the special case in commands.c, and all
> } seems happy, though probably less efficient.  Hopefully, someone who sees
> } why this isn't working can come up with a real fix?
> I suspect your active is somewhat unupdated.  And
> there is a possibility that article number will be
> reused.  Wouldn't 'ctlinnd renumber' help?


The rec.video line in the active file was correct and matched the wildcard
case, until I did a 'ctlinnd renumber'.  Now it shows the higher article number
as the high water mark, even though there are no articles with numbers higher
than the previous high water mark present in the database.

This is using tradspool and an ovmethod of tradindexed for everything, with
inn-BETA-20000719.  I checked, and the code in question is the same in the
20000801 snapshot, so I didn't bother updating.

*Something* is wrong if the high water mark that results from a renumber
is higher than the actual number of articles that are in the database for 
a group, right?  Right now, the highest article in rec.video on this test
server is 587, and 'ctlinnd renumber' changed the high water mark from 587 to


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