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Mon Aug 14 18:50:19 UTC 2000

In my previous mail I suggested excluding @ETCDIR@ from _PATH_SASL_CONF. 
Of course, 

#include "configdata.h"
#include "clibrary.h"
#include "nnrpd.h"

should be added on the top of the file. This shows btw. that there is a call
to xrealloc which doesn't match the prototype.

I think at line ~140  of sasl_config.c

configlist = (struct configlist *)
 xrealloc((char *)configlist, alloced*sizeof(struct configlist));

should be changed to

configlist = (struct configlist *)
 RENEW(configlist, struct configlist, alloced);

to conform the rest of INN source.

Also, xstrdup should be dropped from the source and be replaced with COPY.

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