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Tue Aug 15 06:43:05 UTC 2000

Sven Paulus <sven at> writes:

> In my previous mail I suggested excluding @ETCDIR@ from _PATH_SASL_CONF.
> Of course,

> #include "configdata.h"
> #include "clibrary.h"
> #include "nnrpd.h"

> should be added on the top of the file.

config.h, not configdata.h, btw.  I need to finish whacking the rest of
the remnants of configdata.h from the current tree.

> This shows btw. that there is a call to xrealloc which doesn't match the
> prototype.

> I think at line ~140  of sasl_config.c

> configlist = (struct configlist *)
>  xrealloc((char *)configlist, alloced*sizeof(struct configlist));

Ew, too many casts.

Anyway, this matches the prototype in the current tree, so it should stay
as it is there (modulo the casts) I think.  Although RENEW would also

> Also, xstrdup should be dropped from the source and be replaced with

I've actually considered proposing the opposite (removing COPY from the
source tree in general and replacing it with xstrdup).  Likewise with
RENEW and NEW... the average C programmer can take one look at an xmalloc
call and know immediately what it does, but the macros require them to
guess or look it up.

In the current tree, xmalloc, xstrdup, and xrealloc can be called directly
and do the proper recording of the file and line number for the error

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