Sven Paulus sven at
Tue Aug 15 07:04:59 UTC 2000

On 14.08., Russ Allbery wrote:
> > This shows btw. that there is a call to xrealloc which doesn't match the
> > prototype.
> > I think at line ~140  of sasl_config.c
> > configlist = (struct configlist *)
> >  xrealloc((char *)configlist, alloced*sizeof(struct configlist));
> Ew, too many casts.
> Anyway, this matches the prototype in the current tree, so it should stay
> as it is there (modulo the casts) I think.  Although RENEW would also
> work.

In INN-2.3 the prototype has two additional fields file and line. Why not
using RENEW if it's there? Everywhere in the INN source RENEW is used
instead of xrealloc. If you are doing some debugging work and need to
replace the malloc()/free() functions it's easier if you only have to change
one macro.

> > Also, xstrdup should be dropped from the source and be replaced with
> > COPY.
> I've actually considered proposing the opposite (removing COPY from the
> source tree in general and replacing it with xstrdup).  Likewise with

But not in INN-2.3?! I think INN should be consistent within one release.
INN-2.3 uses COPY/RENEW everywhere, so it should also be changed in
sasl_config. If INN-current drops these macros, they also should be dropped
everywhere. Can you follow my thoughts? :)  I was only talking about making
INN-2.3 consistent, not about the current release.


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