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Tue Aug 15 19:34:43 UTC 2000

Sven Paulus <sven at> writes:

> In INN-2.3 the prototype has two additional fields file and line. Why
> not using RENEW if it's there? Everywhere in the INN source RENEW is
> used instead of xrealloc. If you are doing some debugging work and need
> to replace the malloc()/free() functions it's easier if you only have to
> change one macro.

Right, sorry, I was talking only about the current tree.  BETA should use
the standard macros.

>> I've actually considered proposing the opposite (removing COPY from the
>> source tree in general and replacing it with xstrdup).  Likewise with

> But not in INN-2.3?!

Right, not in 2.3.

> I think INN should be consistent within one release.


> I was only talking about making INN-2.3 consistent, not about the
> current release.

Yup, sorry.

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