Ticket # uu 1551524

David A. De Graaf degraaf at rhsnet.com
Fri Jan 7 19:06:41 UTC 2000

Our newsfeed from uunet to news.rhsnet.com hasn't been working since
the middle of Nov '99 and I was unable to get any help from UUNET
despite significant trying by joea at uu.net.  We were unable to find
the misconfiguration that was preventing the attempts of
news0012.news.uu.net to begin a streaming feed.

It is working again due to the answer provided today by Steve Costaras
<Steve.Costaras at acxiom.com> for which I am immensely grateful.
Uunet should make a note, so that no one else has to go through this

Steve said:
If you configure your  incoming.conf file with
ONE hostname per peer it seems to work.  Ie.:

  peer uunet1 {
        hostname: nntp-out1.uu.net
  peer uunet2 {
        hostname: nntp-out2.uu.net
  peer uunet15 {
        hostname: nntp-out15.uu.net

I had it configured differently:
  peer uunet {
        hostname: nntp-out1.uu.net
        hostname: nntp-out2.uu.net
        hostname: nntp-out15.uu.net

I did it this way because the instructions in incoming.conf are:

##  Peer entries look like:
##          peer <name> {
##               # body
##          }
##  The word ``peer'' is required. <name> is a label for this peer. It is
##  any string valid as a key. The body of a peer entry contains some number
##  of key/value entries.

Evidently, "some number" must be exactly one!
I consider this a serious bug in the inn-2.2.1-1 rpm package.
This lack of clarity has caused enormous unnecessary debugging effort
and major inconvenience for our clients.

	David A. De Graaf    DATIX, Inc.    Hilton Head Is., SC  
	degraaf at rhsnet.com       843-785-3136, -3156 (fax)

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