Ticket # uu 1551524

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Sat Jan 8 20:51:44 UTC 2000

Quoting David A. De Graaf (degraaf at rhsnet.com):
> This is also declared a "syntax error":
> peer uunet {
>       hostname: nntp-out1.uu.net,nntp-out2.uu.net,...,nntp-out15.uu.net
> }

Just for the record, I have the following in my incoming.conf, and it seems to

peer freenet-news.carleton.ca {
  hostname:         "freenet-news.carleton.ca, news.ncf.carleton.ca"

peer news.kjsl.com {
  hostname:         "news.kjsl.com,skyhawk.kjsl.com"

It appears you need quotes around your values.

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