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Heiko Schlichting inn-bugs at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Jan 10 00:06:43 UTC 2000

David A. De Graaf wrote:
> Multiple hostnames can be given, but must be separated by exactly
> one comma.
> So I ran some experiments.
> IT DOESN'T WORK!   Can a man page be WRONG???

It works fine here.

> This is also declared a "syntax error":
> peer uunet {
>       hostname: nntp-out1.uu.net,nntp-out2.uu.net,...,nntp-out15.uu.net
> }

What Snapshot do you use and how long is the line in total? Not so long ago
there was a too small line length limit for this configuration file. If you
find in innd/rc.c a declaration of

	static   char  buff[SMBUF];

in function RCreaddata() you use the limited and old version of INN. For a
quick fix you can increase this line length limit by changing it to

	static   char  buff[BIG_BUFFER];

Or you use a new snapshot because one of the maintainers was smart enough
to make the necessary redesign of this code fragment some time ago.


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