inn 2.3 readers.conf error

John Phelps jphelps at
Mon Mar 13 17:59:21 UTC 2000

Not 100% sure that this is a bug; maybe it's just that I'm not interpreting 
the format of readers.conf correctly.

I'm using inn 2.3 from the Feb 16 snapshot.  Using cnfs on a Solaris 2.6 
system.  Almost everything is working well except for readers.conf.  I have 
a small perl script which authenticates users by looking them up in an 
oracle database.  I want everybody to be authenticated so I have the 
following readers.conf file:

#all hosts need to tell us who they are
auth "dialup" {
         hosts: "*"
         auth: ""
         default: "FAIL"

# access for all but a few newsgroups
access "all" {
         users: "*"
         newsgroups: "*,!control*,!junk,!news.lists.filters,!alt.nocem.misc"
         access: "Read Post"

# no access for people who fail authentication
access "denied" {
         users: "FAIL"
         newsgroups: ""
         access: ""

When a reader attempts to connect, it doesn't even invoke the script.  Now if I  change the order of the two access realms 
( the denied realm appears in front of the all realm), the 
script does get invoked and, if you supply a username and password, it will 
verify it in the database.  However, since the all access realm appears 
after the denied realm, this lets people who don't supply a username/passwd 
have access to the news server.

I checked the latest snapshot and compared the nnrpd code; I didn't try it 
as it doesn't appear that any relevant code was changed.

Is this a bug or am I just doing something wrong?  By the way, if anybody's 
interested I'll contribute the oracle authentication script once it's all 


John Phelps,

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