missing man pages

David Lindes misc/isc/inn/bug-reporter at daveltd.com
Wed Mar 29 01:19:21 UTC 2000

Hi there,

In the INSTALL file for inn, you say:

  INN also comes with a very complete set of man pages; there is a man
  page for every configuration file and program that comes with INN.
  (If you find one that doesn't have a man page, that's a bug.  Please
  do report it to inn-bugs at isc.org.)

Well, I just installed a fresh copy of INN on a Solaris box, and
shortly after running 'make install', I cd'd to ~news/etc, and
started off on doing a 'man' on each file therein...  Well, it
didn't take me very long to find a missing man page, so here's
my report.

I went ahead and checked for all the files in that directory,
and I found that the following files in that directory do not
have man pages (or if the do, they didn't get installed into




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