RFE: inn-2.3.0 logging of cancel messages

Benedict Lofstedt benedict at daimi.au.dk
Tue Oct 3 09:25:01 UTC 2000

I have an RFE.

    /* If !Accepted, then none of the article's newgroups exist in our
     * active file.  Proper action is to drop the article on the floor.
     * If ngp == GroupPointers, then all the new articles newsgroups are
     * "j" entries in the active file.  In that case, we have to file it
     * under junk so that downstream feeds can get it. */
    if (!Accepted || ngptr == GroupPointers) {
	if (!Accepted) {
	    if (NoHistoryUpdate) {
		(void)sprintf(buff, "%d Can't post to \"%s\"",
		    MaxLength(Data.Newsgroups, Data.Newsgroups));
	    } else {
	    (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Unwanted newsgroup \"%s\"",
		MaxLength(Data.Newsgroups, Data.Newsgroups));
	    ARTlog(&Data, ART_REJECT, buff);

gives me an 'unwanted newsgroup' for cancel messages related to newsgroups
I don't carry.  Because of this, I cannot use the tallys made by innreport
regarding "Unwanted newsgroups", because it mainly counts cancels, not
genuine articles.  Even if my upstream feeder doesn't send me
e.g. korea.binaries.music.mp3, I get a count of the cancels to that group.

I would like to have another log entry like 'Unwanted newsgroup (cancel)'
and then remove these from the innreport tally.

--- benedict

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