nnrpd: article cmd response

Nickolai Zeldovich kolya at MIT.EDU
Sat Oct 14 01:34:53 UTC 2000

> --- article.c-before-Netscrape-fix      Mon Sep 25 10:33:58 2000
> +++ article.c   Thu Oct 12 10:17:10 2000
> -       Reply("%d %ld %s %s\r\n", what->ReplyCode, art, what->Item, av[1]);
> +       Reply("%d %ld %s %s\r\n", what->ReplyCode, art, av[1], what->Item);

Perhaps my bug report wasn't too clear, or maybe I'm failing to
grasp your intention due to lack of sleep. In any case, let me 
clarify what the problem with Netscape is: it looks like it's
expecting the response to "ARTICLE <msgId>" to be as follows:

   220 23915 article <G2E4LA.Fnt at world.std.com>

which is what INN 2.x currently does (against 977). Applying the
patch you've shown above will likely break Netscape clients, even
though it will make INN RFC-compliant.

(In any case, I'm not an INN user, I'm just reporting the bug :-)

-- kolya

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