nnrpd: article cmd response

INN Bugger k0dewanker at fluffy.gets.an.analprobe.dk
Sat Oct 14 14:02:11 UTC 2000

On Friday the 13th of Oct 19100 at 09:34:53PM -0400, Nickolai Zeldovich wrote:

> > --- article.c-before-Netscrape-fix      Mon Sep 25 10:33:58 2000
> clarify what the problem with Netscape is: it looks like it's
> expecting the response to "ARTICLE <msgId>" to be as follows:
> patch you've shown above will likely break Netscape clients, even
> though it will make INN RFC-compliant.
> (In any case, I'm not an INN user, I'm just reporting the bug :-)

Me neither, but the Only Newsreader That Matters, `lynx', which
pulls messages by ID (and therefore has been very useful to reveal
a persistent history bug) has no problems with the RFC-compliant

Anyway, I've yet to hear any complaints filter down from HellDesk,
so either they've heard I turned in my resignation and are diverting
complaints to someone else, or any Netscape users have jumped ship
since I started running nnrpd listening on port 143, for which
Netscape pops up what looks to be a system security alert and refuses
to make the connection, or there weren't that many Netscrape lusers
to break in the first place, with Outhouse Distress accounting for
something like 95% of usage in this country.

In any case, Netscape should fix the bug, and at the same time fix
support for transparent .png images so our innreport summaries don't
show off the spiffy kewl graphics as illegible white boxes with pale
washed-out pastel colours.  And fix the repeatable crashes that keep
happening to others that actually use it...

We've also put into production modified k0deZ that no longer return
the actual number of articles in the newsfroup in response to the
`GROUP' command (accounting for cancelled articles and other gaps),
which has b0rken several other reader clients, so maybe people are
now accustomed to having things seem b0rkened.  Or something.

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