tradspool & inn-2.4

Alexey Luckyanchikov alexl at
Sun Feb 4 17:46:49 UTC 2001

On 4 Feb 2001, Russ Allbery wrote:

RA> > I set storeonxref to true, but makehistory fail again with message that
RA> > it can't allocate about 600MB of memory. Sorry, now I revert to previous
RA> > version and can't get exactly message :(
RA> Not sure what would cause that; tradspool doesn't allocate large amounts
RA> of memory that I can see and I've not encountered that problem.

I tried to debug makehistory. It fails in storage/interface.c line 663
q = groups = NEW(char, len + 1);
len has value approximately 600000000. len is art->groupslen.
art->groupslen is calculated in tradspool_next(). May be error is
in this function. Sorry, but I have not enough experience and time to
continue debug and find error.

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