Bug#85730: Inn2 does not reread entirely.

Andreas Krüger andreas.krueger at online.life.de
Mon Feb 12 18:58:02 UTC 2001

Package: inn2
Version: 2.3.1-1

I was porting an inn news server to a new hardware.  For
some time, I had the news server on the new host operate in
xrefslave - modus of the old one.  Then I reconfigured it,
to stand on its own, by simply deleting the xrefslave and
also the nnrpdposthost variables from inn.conf.  I then did

  ctrlinnd reload '' 'some reason...'

(if I remeber rightly) and thought I was set to go into

When I did some preliminary test posting, inn came up with
an error message that was completely cryptic to me.
Something about the Xref header not being suitable.  Xref
header?  On _posting_?

I tryed this, that and the other.  Burned a few hours.
Finally, I grabed the source code, grep-ed for the error
message, and saw what was going on: That particular error
could happen only if xrefslave was still set.

So I shut down inn completely, as if to reboot the machine,
and started it back up again.  With that, my problem
had vanished.

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