Bug#85730: Inn2 does not reread entirely.

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Feb 13 00:57:37 UTC 2001

Andreas Krüger <andreas.krueger at online.life.de> writes:

> For one thing, that error messages should clearly mention xrefslave.  I
> have a strong feeling that other news administrators will continue to
> burn time in similar circumstances, until those error messages are made
> clearer.

> Here's one simple possible patch to that respect:

> bash-2.02$ diff -u innd/art.c.original innd/art.c
> --- innd/art.c.original	Thu Jan 11 09:55:23 2001
> +++ innd/art.c	Mon Feb 12 19:44:16 2001
> @@ -2459,11 +2459,11 @@
>      if (innconf->xrefslave) {
>      	if (ARTxrefslave() == FALSE) {
>      	    if (HDR(_xref)) {
> -                (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Invalid Xref header \"%s\"",
> +                (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Xref header \"%s\" invalid in xrefslave mode.",
>  		    MaxLength(HDR(_xref), HDR(_xref)));
>  	    } else {
> -                (void)sprintf(buff, "%d No Xref header",
> +                (void)sprintf(buff, "%d Xref header required in xrefslave mode.",
>  	    }
>              ARTlog(&Data, ART_REJECT, buff);

This looks good; I'll put this into CVS.

> Secondly, inn should set its internal state "innconf->xrefslave" to the
> default "no" whenever it is about to reread inn.conf.

The problem here that you're running into is that ctlinnd reload doesn't
reload inn.conf.  This is a known shortcoming in INN at present and is
listed in the TODO file as a project for someone with a lot of time (it's
hard to fix, since inn.conf is pervasive).

The recommended action after changing something in inn.conf is to restart
INN with:

    ctlinnd xexec innd

which shuts it down completely and restarts it.  (You encountered this
problem because nnrpd re-reads inn.conf each time it starts, so the change
to nnrpdpostinghost was "immediate" while the change to xrefslave wouldn't
be picked up until INN was stopped and restarted.)

Russ Allbery (rra at stanford.edu)             <http://www.eyrie.org/~eagle/>

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