nnrpd: CMDgroup() doesn't test nnrpdcheckart

M Manoj Kumar manoj at sasken.com
Mon Jul 23 10:25:36 UTC 2001

INN 2.3.2.

I'm using tradspool for article storage, tradindexed for overviews.
When a newsreader client sends the listgroups command, nnrpd invokes
access() for each article even when nnrpdcheckart is set to false in

It looks as if CMDgroup() in nnrpd/group.c should test
PERMaccessconf->nnrpdcheckart before calling ARTinstorebytoken(), as
is done in nnrpd/article.c.  The patch below does that.

--- nnrpd/group.c.orig	Fri May  4 01:57:32 2001
+++ nnrpd/group.c	Sat Jul 21 17:19:59 2001
@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@
 	if ((handle = OVopensearch(group, ARTlow, ARThigh)) != NULL) {
 	Reply("%d Article list follows\r\n", NNTP_GROUPOK_VAL);
 	    while (OVsearch(handle, &i, NULL, NULL, &token, NULL)) {
-		if (!ARTinstorebytoken(token))
+		if (PERMaccessconf->nnrpdcheckart && !ARTinstorebytoken(token))
 		Printf("%ld\r\n", i);

M Manoj Kumar
Sasken Communication Technologies

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