patch for BSD/OS syslog format

Antonio Querubin tony at
Sun Apr 14 22:02:51 UTC 2002

This patch is for the CURRENT snapshot of and allows
innreport to process BSD/OS syslogs which by default have a slightly
different format from other OS syslogs.

Here's a sample syslog entry from a Linux system:

Apr 14 11:49:53 slimemold innfeed[29985]: connected

Here's one on a BSD/OS system:

Apr 14 11:45:28 cheesecake tony[9]: innd:
connected 52 streaming allowed

The BSD/OS syslogd will add a 'user credential' to the line by default
unless syslogd is started with a '-i' parameter.  The patch allows
innreport to recognize either formats (and hopefully doesn't break
something else) so that it doesn't generate a whole bunch of
'Unrecognized' lines in the report.

I believe this problem also exists in the STABLE release however I haven't
tested this patch under that release on the systems I'm using.

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Ecartis --
-- File:
-- Desc: for scripts/

--- scripts/	Sat Apr 13 23:01:00 2002
+++ scripts/	Sun Apr 14 11:30:37 2002
@@ -377,6 +377,8 @@
   my ($day, $hour, $prog, $left) =
     $_ =~ m/^(\S+\s+\S+) (\S+) \S+ (\S+): \[ID \d+ \S+\] (.*)$/o;
   ($day, $hour, $prog, $left) =
+    $_ =~ m/^(\S+\s+\S+) (\S+) \S+ \S+: (\S+): (.*)$/o unless $day;
+  ($day, $hour, $prog, $left) =
     $_ =~ m/^(\S+\s+\S+) (\S+) \S+ (\S+): (.*)$/o unless $day;
   ($day, $hour, $prog, $left) =
     $_ =~ m/^(\S+\s+\S+) (\S+) \d+ \S+ (\S+): (.*)$/o unless $day;

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