Wishing You Happy Holidays for Xmas & About Your Free Gift

Santa Claus at Xmas Holidays presentus at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 20 22:12:27 UTC 2002


Wishing you Happy Holidays @ Christmas! 




We send you our sincere Festive Felicitations! for the Xmas Holidays! 

We also send you a free Xmas gift of a personalised, customisable 3 page
Greetings Website! 


Features of Greetings WebSite 

Page1 – Animated “Portal Page” – personalised with the name of your choice! 

Page 2 – The “Main Page” – see above, with an inventory of greetings,
pictures, backgrounds, fonts &music for you to choose. Enter your own
customised message! 

Page 3 – The special part! The “Messaging Center” where you &your friends
canleave each other messages such as: 

Ø     Music! 

Ø     Pictures &logos! 

Ø     Animation &videos! 

Ø     Links to other sites of interest! 

Ø     Lots more! Only limited by your own imagination! 

Ø     Compete with family &friends’ sites – see who has the best messaging


Some Special Features 

ü     Our special program sends you an email with a link to your site

ü     You can send this email link to any or all of your friends,
acquaintances, colleagues, work mates etc. 

ü     Your friends and colleagues can come to visit your site and read your
personal message! 

ü    Friends can then go to your Messaging Center and leave you their own
personalised messages for you! 

ü     Our special program automatically sends you an email telling you that
you have a new message! 

ü     And, our special program automatically sends your friend a “thank you”
email on your behalf! 

ü     Your Greeting WebSite has a life of around 28 days – then it vanishes!


Now! How to claim your free Xmas Greeting WebSite! 

All you have to do is fill in the required details in the email form below
and click the “Subscribe” button. 

You will then be taken direct to the Greeting Center to claim your free


  First Name: Last Name: E-Mail Address: Country: 

Are you interested in recreation &online entertainment? Select One Yes No 

Are you interested in info on business opportunities &making money? Select
One Yes No 

Are you interested in information on health, fitness &disease prevention?
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Are you interested in information on Personal Development? Select One Yes No

Are you interested in information on Public Security - terrorism protection
etc? Select One Yes No 

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