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Sat Dec 21 03:04:00 UTC 2002

FREE Astrology for Everyone!

Create a profile to run FREE multiple reports and get updated personal forecasts for the coming weeks and months from the Astrology Parlor! Enjoy...  

FREE Career Report - Emphasis: Your Career Outlook
FREE PreNotations" - Emphasis: Movement of the Planets
FREE PreNotations" Moon - Emphasis: Movement of the Moon
FREE AstroPulse" 1 Month - Emphasis: Visual 1 Month Forecast
FREE AstroPulse" 3 Month - Emphasis: Visual 3 Month Forecast
FREE Chart Wheel - Emphasis: Based on Tropical Zodiac
FREE Bi-Chart Wheel - Emphasis: Based on Tropical Zodiac, for 2 persons
FREE Basic Natal Report - Emphasis: Movement of the Planets at Time of Birth
FREE Personality Profile - Emphasis: Personality Analysis Scorecard 
FREE Lucky Numbers - Emphasis: Your Astrological Lucky Numbers Report
FREE Past Lives Report - Emphasis: Your Former Lifetimes
FREE Chiron Report - Emphasis: Discover Your Chironic Side

This is a one time media release to organizations affiliated with Online Newspapers or other media outlets and there will not be a second announcement. Click the link below to get your  FREE PreNotations" banner for your Internet web page. 

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